Preparing the boat for extended sailing takes till the end of April. In the meantime some days are used for learning the boat and testing all the equipment. You are welcome to join for some sailing.

1st of May (if weather permits) we leave Hoorn with a nice crew. I found 3 people to join me in this escapade.

The first 2-3 days are used on the Markermeer (maybe IJsselmeer) to give the crew the possibility to get to know the boat.

After that the course is set for Amsterdam and IJmuiden where we will stay the night over, inside the locks.

After breakfast is cleaned up, Zephyr motors through the lock and hits the salty water of the North Sea, heading for the warmer region of the Mediterranean. Total length of the voyage is about 1.500Nm.

Leixoes Marina is the goal. We stay there 2 full days to have the posibility to visit Porto with the (well-organised) public transport.

Well rest and slept we continue to Caleta with a small celebration on the route. 

Even though alcohol is a no-go on board of Zephyr while sailing, one glass is emptied when passing the most western cape of Europe, Cabo da Roca, Portugal.

We expect to arrive in Caleta de Velez around 3 weeks after departure in Hoorn.


We bought the boat in Antwerp in Belgium and have to bring it to Hoorn in The Netherlands. It will be an exciting trip over the Dutch rivers.

It's so many years ago that I motored/sailed on the Dutch waters. Last time was in the early eighties with Smitan, the ferrocement Colin Archer with which I sailed to Africa and Brasil with my German girlfriend Edith. See my Water Ocean Experience.

This time it will be Ineke, my boat partner and my best friends Anneke and Ton who join in the trip.

Coming back from Greece, I will prepare the boat with filling up with diesel and water.

On the 11th of March we will start and use 3-4 days, quiet and easy, to sail the 140 Nm. Speed is about 5-6 knots and we will have to deal with a number of locks and bridges.

In Hoorn we will do a thorough cleaning of the boat and go through all the items that are in the lockers. Some of the old equipment will be taken out and new (2nd hand) will be installed.

All together a preparation for the next trip from Hoorn to Caleta de Velez in Spain.


Thrilled and excited we (Ineke and me) drove to Antwerp on Saturday the 29thy of November.

The day before I had arrived from Greece where I was overwintering and where I read about this boat.

After we arrived and found Zephyr I got a good feeling: this was the type of boat I was looking for, the motorsailer that would allow me to live on and explore (some of) the 7 seas.

visitsAfter driving around half of the year, visiting Spain, Italy, Croatia, Austria, Germany, Netherlands, Denmark, Czech Republic, Slovakia, Hungary, Romania, Bulgaria, I ended up in Greece.

My plan was to stay for some month in a small house that I rented in the Peloponesos. See the places I stayed on trhis map.

After all, the Peloponesos is one of the warmer places in Europe and it gave me the possibility to invite some friends over to visit me.

In April I would start driving towards Italy and continue the vanlife as planned.


My design is based on the Renault Master of almost 5,49m length. It's a perfect size as it gives a good living space. Of course with standing headroom. Overview of the left side of the van with couch and cabinet.   If possible I'll have two swiveled front seats, if not, at least the co-pilot one.

11 left The right side overview with one seat and kitchen.  1 right A resonable sized double bed of 2m long and 1,70m wide gives lots of room to chill and sleep.  2 double Alternatively, only part of the couch is pulled out, making a chaise longue.