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Here you get the short version, if you want the longer version, you have to visit me. Then we can use some cozy evenings and talk about our lifes, both yours and mine. Click on the pictures for a larger version. I'm born in 1944, at the end of WWII in the Netherlands, in a little village called Sint Oedenrode, close to Philips stronghold Eindhoven. I have lived in the Netherlands for about 50 years (click here for map), I moved to Denmark and was registered there in 10-06-1994.



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Why I came to Denmark? Well, that's along story, where to begin?OK, I had built this sailboat with my girlfriend Edith in the Netherlands.You can see the route that we sailed on the map. The trip ended in Brasil, the region Pernambuco. While we were at anchor and visiting the country, we met a Canadian guy, who sailed a trimaran. We expressed our interest in multihulls and he invited us for a trip in the boat. On that trip, we visited the island of Fernando the Noronha. And there, in the bay, was another boat at anchor, with a ......Danish flag.

On board we met Michael. Michael visited us in the Netherlands some times and I visited him (after I had broken up with Edith) to a party in Gilleleje.



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On THAT party I met a girl, named Judit, with whom I started a relation. Because of that relation, I did a lot of driving back and forth between the Netherlands and Denmark and finally emigrated.




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My Danish period started with another sailing trip, together with a pregnant Judit, from Zealand to Turkey. From the South of Spain (Almeria) we flew back to Denmark, where Saskia was born on 22-10-1994. In Februari 1995 we continued sailing with a small extra sailor. We ended the trip at the end of 1995 and started living a 'normal' working life in Karise. 5 years later, on 07-12-1999 there was a living doll for Saskia, he got the name Leonard - Lionheart. And strong he is!

When that job was done, I moved out of the family and found my own house here in the village of Karise.



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This house I lived in from the first of November 2002, till now, the 31st of October 2013.Exactly 11 years. What a timing.






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In 2012 I made my first holiday as a helper at a place that is called Finca La Sacristia.

I already had experience with many helpers who helped me in the renovation of the house and the building up of the pancake house. So, I knew the principle: abut 30 hours of work for bed and food. It's a perfect and cheap way of having a holiday and meeting new people in their own environment.

I found a lovely German family in the South of Spain. Hannes and Maria and Michael are living on the Finca La Sacristia. 2 of their other kids were abroad. I immediately fell in love with both the environment and the people. I had met so many very nice and friendly people at the Finca, that when I needed another holiday in 2013, I didn't even think about alternatives and just headed for the Finca again, were I had a beautiful period, this time together with my son Leonard. Based on a number of arguments, I decided to move my life to that area and work together with the people of the Finca. The work consists partly of all the standard things you need to do, when you have a large garden. Another thing that also attracted me, was the spirit of the people and their way of living in good relation with the environment and the earth. Living simpel life.

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When searching for a place to live, Hannes and Maria offered me to build a house/cabin on their Finca and live there for the rest of my life. I accepted that immediately, as the spot they had in mind for me is just one of the most beautiful places one could think of.

Close to the Mediteranean (12km) with a good view on the sea, 400m up in the mountains and lots of fresh air. So, I easily will get 107, as I always predicted. :D

My first job is to build my house, together with some people that will help me. During and after that we will continue the tradition that Maria has established: teaching other people about the vegan life style.

The house is preferably build of straw, as that is a very natural and healthy building material for houses. This depends of rules and permissions. Otherwise I will build a small wooden cabin. Whatever it will be built of, there will be room for you to visit me.

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I've been building, with the help of many volunteers, on the house now since december 2013. In about 2 month we are ready. Here on the Finca there are more projects, so I won't get bored.

But, from now on it's the projects of Hannes and Maria (the owners) which we work on.

My own project is to slowly get into sailing again. I will stay here on the finca till, at least, summer 2016, maybe a winter more, till spring 2017.

Between now and 2016, I want to find a boat to live in. Budget requires an old and very cheap boat that I will renovate. It's always the money.....time I have enough. You will find my progress on FB with tag #HansSailsBlue.

The steps: Finding the right boat, renovate it, equip it for long term sailing, ......SAIL..... if you want to join me, write me a mail or PM.


If you want to contact me:

Skype: hansinspain

Telephone/WhatsApp: +34634851363

Mail: hans @ (without the spaces)

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