From Athens

Bus X93 (6€) takes you to the bus station of Kifisou in about 1 hour . You can find the X93 and (tiny) ticket office between exit 4 and exit 5 of the airport.
Busses do not wait in number order!
The ticket office is located very close to the busses.
Tickets for this bus are electronic and must be validated in the bus. (Fine 60 times ticket price of 6€!)

From Kifisou a bus (± € 25) will take you to Kalamata in 3:15 hours.

On Kifisou the X93 and the bus to Kalamata and the ticket office and the toilet are close together. Within 25 meters.

The total bus ride from Athens to Pylos takes 7 or more hours. 

Arriving late
You can stay at the airport, find a quiet corner and take a nap until the next morning. Take X93 at 5 o'clock. The first bus to Kalamata leaves around 6 o'clock. You arrive between 12 and 13 on board.
You can also take any X93 to Kifisou and find a cheap (15 €) hostel.  

From Kalamata (airport)

From the Kalamata bus station, a bus (5 €) will take you to Pylos around 1.45 am.
Times from Kalamata Airport are about 20 minutes later.
Weekday: 05: 00-06: 40-09: 30-11: 30-13: 00-15: 00-19: 30
Saturday / Sunday: 06: 40-09: 30 - 13: 00-15: 00-19 : 30

Many airlines fly to KLX.

Kalamata Airport is open from May (end of April) to October

If you arrive after the last bus (19:00), a taxi will take you to Pylos for about € 57. Try to share with other people or to hitchhike.
But fortunately there is also Stavros Hostel on 500m from the bus station.

In general, I prefer Momondo for flights searching and booking.

Car rental

Alternativ is of course to rent a car.

It gives you a lot of flexibility and costs around 25€ per day, depending on where you book. Try more than the standard car rental you get when you make your booking. People told me that car hire in Athens is cheaper. You can take a taxi and ask for local (small) car rental companies.

Keep in mind that many roads are toll roads that cost a lot of money.

With that said, take the alternative free roads and use a bit money on a cheap (like 30€ for a 2-bed-room) room in a small hotel (you will find them)

The toll road from Athens to Kalamata is about 3 hours, the alternative can easily take 5,5 hours. On the other hand, it is a much nicer road.

From the bus station you walk over the square towards the marina.
As soon as you enter that area you will see Zephyr, it's the first sailing boat (ketch) on the first jetty with a large Dutch flag in the mizzen mast.

If you need a taxi from or to Pylos, you can try, at the taxi stand at the center square. If non available call Panos on +306974788465

Many people in Greece speak reasonable English.

I am not responsible for bus schedules and prices and changes to them.

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