From Athens

Bus X93 (6€) brings you to Kifisou busstation in around 1 hour. You find X93 at exit 5 of the airport. !Busses are not waiting in number sequence!

From Kifisou a bus (25€) will take you to Kalamata in 3:15 hours


From Kalamata

From Kalamata Bus station a bus (5€) will take you to Pylos in around 1:45 hour.

Times from Kalamata Airport are approx 20 minutes later.

Weekday:   05:00-06:40-09:30-11:30-13:00-15:00-19:30

Saturday/Sunday: 06:40-09:30-          13:00-15:00-19:30

Many airlines fly to KLX.

Kalamata Airport is open from May till October

If you arrive after the last bus, a taxi brings you to Pylos for about 57€. Try to share with other people or hitchhike.


In general I prefer Momondo for search and booking.


Car rent

Alternativ is of course to rent a car.

It will give you lots of flexibility and often costs not more the 20€ per day, depending where you book. Try more then the standard car rentals that you get with your flight booking.

Be aware though that many roads are
toll roads which take a good amount of money.

With that said, take the alternative free roads and use a little (really a little like 30€ for a 2-bed room) money on some cheap rooms in small hotels (you’ll find them)

Toll road from Athens to Kalamata is about 3 hours, the alternative may easily take 5,5 hours. On the other hand, it’s a much nicer road.


Many people in Greece speak reasonable English.


I take no responsibility of course for bus schedules and prices. Although my guests and me have paid these prices in 2017.


Please inform me about change or missing items on this page, so I can correct them.