Remember my plan to visit Vietnam in winter (dec-march)?

I changed it.

After I heard about the devastating earthquake in Lombok in the start of August, I decided to visit the island in Indonesia.
On Lombok and the Gillies, the people are pretty much depending totally on tourism and that is almost back to zero.

So, I thought maybe better be tourist out there than in Vietnam.

Aside from that I plan to give a hand where I can in the rebuilding of the damaged areas.

This means no cycling adventour in VN.

In stead I will have a 'constructive' time in Lombok and learn about diving (both scuba an free) and Indonesian cooking and the beauty of nature out there.
And yes, I will still get me a bicycle and peddle the roads of this gorgeous place.

I could imagine that you would like to support the Lombok community.

If financially or in person, you can do so by finding Kelly Goldie on FB and she is the one coordinating all that.
Maybe we meet out there! Why not join me?