DKGR CZ01Czech Republic is the third country that I will pass through.

In 2013 I was volunteering on a finca in Spain. It was in this period that I met several people from Czech Republic, all volunteering, like me, on this finca.

I don’t recall having been in their country, but I will be on this trip. I’ll make a ride of 367km (from 803km till 1.170km of my whole trip. Which means I will celebrate my first 1.000km here.

Let’s have a party :)

I’ll follow the Elbe from Germany and enter the country right there. It will be very much a river following trip, cause later on there is the river Vltava that I will have on my side.

After 367km I will leave Czech Republic again on the Rading border crossing.


DKGR CZ02In the WarmShower app I can see there's lots of people, mostly cycling enthusiasts of course, that like to share some room with other cyclists. Beautiful this WS-system and I hope to meet some of you on my way.

If my plan holds, I will be in Czech from the 1st of May till the tenth of May. I hope we have a good amount of spring by then.

Are there any cyclists with local knowledge that can have a look on my route? Would be a pleasure to get some tips from you. Just click on the map.

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