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When we left Holland there was no dinghy to Zephyr. So, I built one.

I prefer a rigid dinghy, like the one I built before. This will get build #3.

Googling on small boats, I ran into a design which is based on the D4 that i built some years ago, the name is TWEAK.

I ordered these plans and decided to build this in stead, together with some rowing oars.

Click her for the tweak design.

I bought oars, to speed up the process, but if you wanna build them yourself:

click her for the design of the oars.

The general document about building Stich and Glue.


This is a former one I built.

  • IMG_2562
  • IMG_2591
  • IMG_2627
  • IMG_2632
  • IMG_2658
  • IMG_2720
  • IMG_2795
  • IMG_3112
  • drawing

The one I built now can be seen here

  • DSC_0113
  • DSC_0116
  • DSC_0118
  • DSC_0125
  • DSC_0126
  • DSC_0127
  • DSC_0186
  • DSC_0187
  • DSC_0190
  • DSC_0191
  • DSC_0193
  • DSC_0194
  • DSC_0196
  • DSC_0198
  • DSC_0220
  • DSC_0223
  • DSC_0224
  • DSC_0226
  • DSC_0227
  • DSC_0229
  • DSC_0233
  • DSC_0237
  • DSC_0382
  • DSC_0396
  • DSC_0486
  • DSC_0510
  • DSC_0646
  • DSC_0650
  • xbottom
  • xsides


I also checked a bit on electric outboards and I think it's a very good idea. I spoke with some people that have a small electric outboard and some day father Christmas will bring me one. :) 

If you have any questions, just drop me a mail: dinghy @