The electrical installation is typical for this type of sailing boats.

Power (230V) from the shore via a Victron Palace converter is brought into the Battery Splitter, as well as the output of the dynamo from the Yanmar engine.

This output of the Battery Splitter charges the engine start battery, the bow thruster battery and the leisure batteries.

The leisure batteries are mainly charged by the 200W solar panels via a MPPT charger. 

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After living on my boat in Greece for over one year, I can report the following:

  • Installed a 230V fridge in 03-2018. A++, consumption 45W. Only seldom the 1200 inverter beeps as the Voltage is below 11,7V
  • On the inverter I use 230V sander 450W, charge Lition batteries 18V 0,5Ah (various machines), 10V screw machine, sander 200W, mostly after10 o'clock for renpovating my boat
  • Normal lights in cabin etc
  • For security I added a battery protewct BP 12/24 100
  • Installed 4 telephone chargers 
  • Changed all lights to LED