On a rainy day in Greece it’s time to collect the facts (at the bottom) of last years’ trip from the Netherlands to Greece.

What happened
Bought the boat in december 2016 in Antwerp (BE)
Sailed it to Hoorn (NL) in march 2017
After some preparations and try-sails, we moved to IJmuiden
Sailed out to Greece on 25th of May, to arrive 58 days later on 22nd of July.

Now, being in Greece for some time, I can say that it was a good decision to visit this lovely country.

Partly the trip from IJmuiden to Pylos, the crewing people I met and the arrival and stay in the marina. I’m just very pleased about the whole endeavor.

We ripped out and built new and painted and insulated the hull

Port side main cabin (living area)

  • added insulation to the hull and covered with battens
  • rebuild with (mostly) new electric cabling and switch box
  • new built-in fridge on
  • 230V system
  • removed the inside motor controls


  • insulated and painted in lighter colors (old style wood to off-white)
  • phone chargers are installed
  • LED lights


  • we painted a few areas in lighter colors
  • installed a gang plank
  • installing arch for solar panels
  • removed self tacking fock rail
  • renewed the anchor chain with 60m

There are still a 'few' jobs left but we will get there.

Here's some pictures

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  • 40
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  • 70
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Is it a good plan to move to Greece to do renovation?
As always, yes and no 


  • Good weather, even in winter most of the days have temperatures well over 15 degrees, often over 20.
  • Many days are still sailing days. If the type of renovation allows, you can still sail for a longer or shorter trip.
  • Cheap. I have no info for the whole of Greece, but in my experience, in Pylos and ordering things from Thessaloniki and Athens, prices are equal or a a little lower than in Holland.
  • Very friendly and relaxed people
  • Greek are very honest, my things are just laying outside on the jetty and stay there


  • Patience. You need patience and lots of it. Nothing, believe me NOTHING happens the day you have agreed upon.
  • Agreements are never kept. I can not recall one (out of many) that were.
  • No reply. I asked for a quote on a bimini. No reply, not even after trying several times. Via another person I got the answer “They thought the price would be too high for me. So they didn’t bother to answer me”
  • Depending where you are of course, but here in Pylos almost nothing is directly available. That means that shipping and time has to be added to the cost.
  • I believe people are not always telling the truth. Telling you what they think you would like to hear :-p

With that said, I love being here and I would definitely do it again. Just have to organize different and stock up with patience haha

Best advice is: Don't start before you have all your things/material ready. You may have to live in a construction area for a (too) long time.



6 people helped me getting Zephyr in Pylos Mi, Jo, No, Mi, Wo, Ad
570 engine hours.  Yes, absolutely too much  
1.050 liter Diesel  
1.575 € on fuel alone  
58 days of sailing/motoring  
16 harbours (nights stayed) IJmuiden(1), Newhaven(2), Darthaven(1), Camaret sur Mer(9), La Coruña(2), Nazare(1), Leixões(1), Cascais(1), Barbate(2), Caleta de Velez(7), Almerimar(2), Porto de Colom(1), Cagliari(2), Sciacca(0), PortoPalo(1), Pylos
961 € harbour fees  
8 people I sailed with during my stay in Pylos in 2017 In, Ma, Lo, He, Si, De, An, To