We bought the boat in Antwerp in Belgium and have to bring it to Hoorn in The Netherlands. It will be an exciting trip over the Dutch rivers.

It's so many years ago that I motored/sailed on the Dutch waters. Last time was in the early eighties with Smitan, the ferrocement Colin Archer with which I sailed to Africa and Brasil with my German girlfriend Edith. See my Water Ocean Experience.

This time it will be Ineke, my boat partner and my best friends Anneke and Ton who join in the trip.

Coming back from Greece, I will prepare the boat with filling up with diesel and water.

On the 11th of March we will start and use 3-4 days, quiet and easy, to sail the 140 Nm. Speed is about 5-6 knots and we will have to deal with a number of locks and bridges.

In Hoorn we will do a thorough cleaning of the boat and go through all the items that are in the lockers. Some of the old equipment will be taken out and new (2nd hand) will be installed.

All together a preparation for the next trip from Hoorn to Caleta de Velez in Spain.

The inland trip is divided in part 1 and part 2.

When you look at the route in Navionics and you are a bit familiar with the many Dutch waterways, you may think why I don't take the shorter route via the canals.

There are several good reasons:

  • It is the first time I sail/motor this boat. I do have a good experience, but it's always wyse to be on the safe side and not use the canals for heavy transport. Those waterways are used by large powerful barges which can not stop on short notice. Besides, they travel with a good speed.
  • The other reason is that the 'old' waterwaays are far more attractiev and quiet, which makes it much more pleasure to be there. De Vecht (around Utrecht) for example is a beuatiful piece of water. Very idyllic with large houses and parks and gardens.

It's only a bit longer travel and we are not in a hurry.