The first 125km are in Denmark.

I start my trip from Karise which is the village I always lived while I stayed in Denmark.

It also gives my family the chance to say good bye on the 5th of April. 

The first stop is a shelter at Sprove on 65km from my start, the second is very close to the ferry to Germany at Gedser on 125km. 

From there, early in the morning of Tuesday 7 April, I will take the ferry and continue in Germany.





Denmark has a beautifully organised  system of shelters where you can stay for the night. Over one thousand of these shelter are put up for everybody to be used. But .... you have to be NON-motorized. Horse, foot, bicycle, hiking, kajak, it's al ok, NO cars, NO motorcycles etc.

For some you have to make a reservation, for some you have to pay a small fee like 3-5€

Many have a fireplace with often firewood and small toilet house. Many a time you can get water closeby, but don't count on it, bring your stuff as well as clean up before you leave.


Unfortunately the app is only in Danish. Let's hope they soon make an international/English version.

In the shelter you have the option to use it with or without your tent. Depending on the weather.