My design is based on the Renault Master of almost 5,49m length. It's a perfect size as it gives a good living space. Of course with standing headroom. Overview of the left side of the van with couch and cabinet.   If possible I'll have two swiveled front seats, if not, at least the co-pilot one.

11 left The right side overview with one seat and kitchen.  1 right A resonable sized double bed of 2m long and 1,70m wide gives lots of room to chill and sleep.  2 double Alternatively, only part of the couch is pulled out, making a chaise longue.
12 chaiselongue  

To be honest, there is a difference between the design and the result.

See the pictures on Anton's Conversions

3 kitchen1 The kitchen will have a round sink and an electric tap with a submercible pump into the jerry can.  On the left the stowage for the bed stuff is visible. It's the easiest way of storing pillows etc, as they can just be pushed into the room. 3 kitchen2 A small electric fridge will give room to a few items to be cooled. Two jerry cans under the sink, one for drinking water and one for grey water. They will be filled and emptied by simply taking them out. A small drawer for cutlery and a larger drawer for food storage. This kitchen setup also means no holes in the floor for fresh and grey water. x100 1Cooking is done on a Webasto Diesel X100 cooker. It's an easy set up and has big advantages over gass. No gass riscs, no bottles with their nipples (per country), 'never' empty since diesel will be available anyway. Plus leaving lots of space for other things. Only one hole in the floor is needed for the gass exhaust  This cooker can be bought in most countries:

4 shower1

Washing in colder situations has to be done inside. Just boil water or use the sun for heating a bottle on the roof. Standing on a towel is an easy solution. 

4 shower2

In warmer situations, which mostly will be the case, a 'shower' can be taken outside with some removable curtains between the back doors if privacy is needed. If the ground has no grass a simple plastic mat with holes will do the job. This system uses the least water. 


5 storage1 

Overview over general and private storage. Generally the storage rooms are accesible by drawers under the couch and seats.

5 storage2 

The battery compartment is easily accesible for maintenance and when changes have to be made to the system. Only this one has access via the top by removing the cushions.


6 table1

The table on the right side of the van can be folded in different ways. It can be folded up completely, covering the pc-monitor. 

6 table2

It can also be folded partly up and partly down again, giving room to use the single or double bed and watch a movie anyway. Next to that, the table consists of two parts, where one part can be folded and the other out.

7 toilet1 The toilet block is a multipurpose unit. In the middle of the 'tower' there is room for the bed stuff of the right side bed. On the top is a lid, that covers a 25cm room which holds the laptop and the camera stuff. On top of the lid, tablets and phones can find a charging station by means of several usb chargers. 7 toilet2 In the bottom it holds the retractable toilet. For pooping, just sit down, pull the curtain for privacy and, when ready, throw the garbage bag (which is in the bucket) in the bin. And push the toilet in again. :) Job done.  
8 roofrack1 On top of the van is a roof rack. This rack gives room to two or three solar panels, a kiteboard and one or two folding bikes. Underneath this rack some material keeps the sun away from the roof of the van. Awnings may be attached to this rack for shade in warm days.    
9 bed1 The couch on the left side of the van is of a pull-out type. Underneath the top is a small hinged strip of wood which gives the needed 6° for comfortable sitting. 9 bed2 It can be pulled out in different ways. If only the smallest part is pulled out, it makes for a comfortable chaise longue, still giving access to the private drawers. 9 bed3 If both the smaller and larger part are pulled out it makes, together with the right side bed, for a very large double bed.

All the drawings for the design are made in the free version of Sketchup. It is a relatively easy program and lots of pre-dessigned units can be imported from the 3D-warehouse. Even the front of a Renault Master is available, just like the jerry cans, the roof rack, the sink, the batteries, the inverter and several other items. Even the flowers are made in Sketchup. :) It's fun working with this program. Download it here. If you want to use my drawings to make your own design, you are welcome to download them all from here. 35Mb. I like to hear from you. When you have ideas about my design, what you have done with my design etc. Write to me, either by mail hans @ vandam . dk or FB-messsenger. Thanks a lot.